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  I. Consideration of Course Planning

The educational goal of the department is to educate industrial management professionals in both theory and practice. Based on both scientific innovation and application, the course planning and design consider not only course-oriented but also lecturer-student interaction. In addition to the IE courses, the department provides courses which support the examination for professional certificates. The department also provides courses applied in high-tech industries so that the students will be more competent in the job market. The students may select the programs considering to their future career development in order to build up appropriate knowledge in management and attitude.
All graduates are expected to have capabilities in:

  £»System analysis and design the manufacturing and service industries;
£»Business and industrial decision making using the information technology.
  II. A Distinguishing Feature in Teaching
Help students to prepare to serve in the job market
Provide full courses for helping students in preparing certificates exams, English proficiency tests, & skills in writing resume & in job interviewing;
Help students to prepare for advanced study
  Provide supportive courses in preparation for graduate school exam and provide opportunities for students to pursue an advanced degree.