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The Department of Industrial Engineering and System Management was established in 1990, at the same time when the University was first established. The Department, in order to participate in Taiwanˇ¦s nationwide effort of adapting to the trend of globalization, focuses on training our students as future international business leaders, managers and professionals in various fields, including services and manufacturing. In addition, considering the industrial demands from high technology industries, the Department designs our academic programs to prepare students for their successful career development in technology driven organizations. Furthermore, the Department works very closely with the Industry Advisory Board to design, update and improve curricula continuously to accommodate

various and dynamic industrial needs. Therefore, the department is very keen to improve the quality and attractiveness of the academic programs.

There are currently 15 full-time faculty members in the department. The department offers two undergraduate degree programs (four-year B.B.A and vocational two-year B.B.A) and two graduate degree programs (M.B.A and Ph.D.). These programs help the students to access to the information on the most up-to-date industrial engineering and management skills, and thereby advance their abilities to actively participate in modern, fast-paced, and complex organizations. ˇ@