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Departmental advantage

Equal emphasis on theory and practice ~ industry-university cooperation to cultivate professional employment talents

Both management and engineering

In 2021, it will pass the re-certification of AACSB International Business Management Certification

The only private university in the Zhumiao area that has obtained the international AACSB accreditation, and ranks among the top 5% of business schools in the world. The teaching quality of this department complies with the American AACSB international accreditation.

The degrees and credits that students have studied at the school have been internationally recognized and can travel around the world, greatly improving the international mobility of students in this department.

Actively counsel students to obtain certificates. job security

Industrial engineer certificate (industrial engineer, production and operation management technician, quality management technician) APMA project management certificate, TQC database management certificate, AutoCAD drawing certificate, Cuisi innovator certificate, industrial safety and health class B certificate

Intensive industrial cooperation. Industry-university special class, senior internship and employment upon graduation

The department also actively guides students to enter neighboring companies for internships, including Qiqi Technology, Sigurd Technology, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Mude Technology, Ride Technology, Epistar, Power Technology, Qunyao Technology, etc., in order to achieve Integrating learning with application, and aiming at smooth employment after graduation.

This department is not a research-oriented department, but a high-tech industry-oriented department that allows students to feel at ease in employment. The graduates of this department are the middle and high-level cadres needed by the nearby science park. In recent years, senior students of this department have entered the workplace for internship classmates. The vast majority are affirmed and welcomed. The department is closest to the Hsinchu Science and Technology Industrial Park, which is currently the largest semiconductor supply chain park in the world. Graduates from this department have various professional knowledge and can work in this huge supply chain. In recent years, the well-known labor bank data in Taiwan have also shown such data. The department expects itself to be the best springboard for entering the Hsinchu Science Park for employment.