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Department Profile

Chairman Terry Gou of the Hon Hai Group once said: "When high technology leaves the laboratory, it becomes industrial engineering." Industrial engineering is an important driver of Taiwan's high-tech development, and there is a strong demand for talents. The task of an industrial engineer is to combine the knowledge of electrical machinery, electronics, information, computer, machinery, finance, business management, and operation across fields to conduct integrated analysis, diagnosis, planning, design, control, and correction of complex industrial production processes, so as to Efficiently allocate the limited resources, manpower, financial resources and equipment in the system to maximize the operational functions. With the advancement of the times and technology, the types, processes, and types of industrial production are becoming more and more complex. Coupled with global competition, the demand for industrial engineers is increasing. Industrial engineers account for more than 30% of those who work as supervisors or managers in the industry and lead various engineering teams. This field can be said to be one of the shortcuts to become a competent manager. Graduates who are new to the workplace should not have the tendency to reject practical hands-on operations, so that they can truly understand and grasp the meaning of every production action, step and entire process in their industry, and then further develop the magical ability of industrial management.

The mission of this department is to cultivate management talents in the technology, manufacturing and service industries, and the main educational goals are to make students possess team spirit, good at communication and initiative.

The course planning is divided into three main axes, which are production management, smart manufacturing and technology management.

Production management focuses on production scheduling, capacity simulation, quality management, inventory management, supply chain management, human factors engineering, etc.

Smart manufacturing focuses on automated production, computer graphics, neural network-like, and process optimization.

Technology management focuses on intellectual property strategy, patent layout, innovation management, entrepreneurship management, marketing management, cost accounting, decision analysis and project management.

In addition to the cultivation of professional knowledge, the department places special emphasis on oral expression and problem-solving skills. Therefore, the course design combines cases, practice and briefings, and the students' knowledge, practical application and teamwork over the past four years are accepted by group graduation projects. comprehensive ability.

The department is adjacent to the Hsinchu Science Park. All the teachers in the department have industry experience and have good interactions with manufacturers. Therefore, students have excellent employment opportunities. The Department of Industrial Management of Chung Hwa University is the best springboard for you to enter the Science Park.


Employment Radar

The companies that graduates of this department seek jobs are widely distributed in the Science Park and various well-known companies, such as: TSMC, MediaTek, UMC, KYEC, Chipbond, etc.

Let you become a certificate expert

★ Industrial engineer certificate

★ Auto CAD Certified Professional International Drawing Certificate

★ TQC database management certificate

★ APMA project management (international level)

★ Industrial safety and health certificate (national level)

★ Industry Analyst

★ ERP enterprise resource planner

Corporate Internship

Let you learn the real skills The department also actively guides students to enter neighboring companies for internships (full-time internships for seniors), including Industrial Technology Research Institute, Mude Technology, Ride Technology, Epistar Optoelectronics, Sigurd Technology, Licheng Technology, Qunyao Technology, etc., to achieve the unity of learning and application.


director's words

First of all, on behalf of the Department of Industrial Management of Chung Hwa University, I sincerely hope that all parents will make the most wise decisions for your children, and at the same time welcome all young and new blood to join our big family of the Department of Industrial Management! The team of teachers in this department is extremely excellent. Each teacher has a professional advanced degree, rich practical experience, profound research ability and a young and enthusiastic teaching attitude. They will definitely provide you with an ideal learning environment for the next four years!

 Our school is located in Hsinchu City, a city full of humanities and advanced technology, and can enjoy the sharing of rich resources between schools; Hsinchu Science Park is also a center of science and technology in my country, which can provide students with many internship opportunities and even permanent employment in the future. After graduation, students from this department can apply for further studies in relevant research institutes at home and abroad. We also have a master's program and a doctoral program in industrial management to provide students from this department with a convenient channel for further study. In terms of employment, the department also provides certificate courses related to industrial engineers, project managers, and labor safety management, etc., encouraging students to obtain certificates before graduation to increase employment competitiveness.

Excellent learning and research environment, smooth access to further studies, rich and diverse employment and professional certificate training, these are the three major characteristics of the department. Finally, I sincerely invite all newcomers to join us again!


History of the Department

  • March of the seventy-ninth year of the Republic of China (1990)
    • The Chinese Institute of Technology was founded at Qielong Lake in the southern suburbs of Xiangshan District, Hsinchu City
    • Department of Industrial Management established
  • Eighty-two years of the Republic of China (1993)
    • The master class of industrial engineering and management was established, and the master of engineering was conferred
    Eighty-five years of the Republic of China (1996)
    • Two-year technical department established
    Eighty-six years of the Republic of China (1997)
    • China Institute of Technology changed its name to China University
    • The Department of Industrial Management was reorganized under the School of Management
    • Industrial Engineering and Management Doctoral Program Established
    Eighty-eight years of the Republic of China (1999)
    • Two-year on-the-job special courses and master special courses of the Department of Technology were established
  • Ninety Years of the Republic of China (2001)
    • The Institute of Industrial Engineering and Management was renamed the Institute of Technology Management, and the title was changed to Master of Management
    Ninety-one Years of the Republic of China (2002)
    • Department of Technology Management established
    • The Institute of Science and Technology Management was incorporated into the Department of Science and Technology Management (Department and Institute)
  • Ninety-five Years of the Republic of China (2006)
    • Renamed as Department of Industrial Engineering and Systems Management
    • The Institute of Industrial Engineering and System Management was established, awarded with a master's degree in management
    Ninety-six Years of the Republic of China (2007)
    • The doctoral class of the Institute of Science and Technology Management adds an industrial engineering group
  • Ninety-seven years of the Republic of China (2008)
    • The doctoral program of the Institute of Technology Management was changed to the Doctoral Program of Science and Technology Management of the School of Management
    • Changed to the School of Management Science and Technology Management Doctoral Program is subdivided into four groups: Technology Management, Industrial Management, Enterprise Management, Transportation Technology and Logistics Management
    Ninety-nine Years of the Republic of China (2010)
    • Renamed as Department of Industrial Management
    • The Department of Industrial Management (Bachelor's Program) (Master's Program) has passed the IEET Engineering and Technology Education Certification
    • The Institute of Industrial Engineering and System Management changed its name to the Master Class of the Department of Industrial Management, conferred with the Master of Management
  • The 102nd year of the Republic of China (2013)
    • The Department of Industrial Management (two-year in-service professional class) passed the IEET Engineering and Technology Education Certification
  • Now, the department has established:
    • Bachelor of Industrial Management
    • Master's degreeIndustrial Management
    • Two-year on-the-job special class in the Department of Industrial Management
    • Doctorate in Technology Management, Faculty of Management - Industrial Management Section